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p21-23 from Song of Ice and Fire Campaign Guide:

The Seven

The Seven are the Crone, the Smith, the Mother, the Father, the Maiden, the Warrior, and the Stranger. The Crone, Mother, and Maiden are female, the Smith, Father, and Warrior male, and the Stranger both and neither. Each has a broadly defined area of concern, so the Crone watches over wisdom and discernment, the Smith over creation—particularly through crafts of all sorts, the Mother over parental love, the Father over rulership and justice, the Maiden over innocence, joy, and youth, and the Warrior over valor and combat. The Stranger is concerned with death. While most people, nobles and smallfolk alike, treat them as seven gods, the doctrine of the Faith is they are seven aspects of a single god.

The Old Gods

The old gods are nameless and numberless; once, they held sway over the whole of Westeros, as they were worshiped by the children of the forest. When the First Men came, they first fought with the children but then made peace and accepted their gods. The children of the forest probably worshiped their gods in the groves of the forest, but the First Men created godswoods, groves within their castles and villages where the gods could be found.


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