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Download the character generator which allows Edges, Hindrances, Advances, extra skills, etc.

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Advancement, pg 43

  • Starting with Experienced Characters: all characters start as Seasoned with 20 Experience Points (4 Advances) to spend.

Character Creation Summary, pg 44

1. Race

  • Human only

2. Traits

Per the book:

  • Your hero starts with a d4 in each attribute, and has 5 points with which to raise them. Raising an attribute a die type costs 1 point.
  • You have 15 points for skills. Each die type in a skill costs 1 point up to the linked attribute. Going over the linked attribute costs 2 points per level.

Per Skill Specialization:

  • Skills are purchased with a single specialization. Additional specializations can be picked up per the book rule of 2 per point at character generation or 2 per advance. For example, at character generation a d8 skill (on a d8 linked attribute) costs 4 points and grants a single specialization. A single point more will buy 2 additional specializations, as will one advance.
  • We are not using Skill Specialization

3. Edges and Hindrances

  • 1 Major Hindrance and 2 Minor Hindrances, plus Human, plus 20 Experience equals 7 Edges at the start of play (or less if attributes, skills, or wealth are bought instead of Edges).

4. Gear

  • Start with the normal $500. You can spend one Hindrance point to increase that to $1000.

5. Background Details

Pick a region where your character originated:

  • King’s Landing
  • Dragonstone
  • The North
  • The Iron Islands
  • The Riverlands
  • The Vale of Arryn
  • The Westerlands
  • The Reach
  • The Stormlands
  • Dorne

See “A Song of Ice and Fire Campaign Guide” for more details.

Character Creation

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