Snow in the North

The Darkness
Rolley Final Update

(Rolley’s next raise he buys down off doubting Thomas)

Well now I know, I thought all this wolf king stuff was just superstition. Now I know the truth, there really are dark things out there. At least there are now, maybe they weren’t before, maybe it’s linked to the winter coming. I don’t know, but maybe I’ll find out. If I’d been a little clearer before I wouldn’t have followed this plan. The wolf crown, the wolf babies, the knockers, the ghost, the wolfman corpse. We were out of our league.

I feel bad for my lost companions, especially Lyle. He was loyal, more so than me. He’s probably never left a pile of his friends dead on the ground and ran. I’ve done it now not once but twice. Hell, I couldn’t win that fight though, better to run and come back. Come back I will, or at least I’ll try. Maybe it’s best Lord Ruthorford didn’t come, I wonder if he’ll be interesting in finishing it off.

I wish I could put pen to paper to write these notes myself. As it is I’m going to have to pay to get them delivered. The Maester must secure that crown and he needs to know he was right about the wolf baby. If they or Ruthorford are willing to destroy the wolf king, the old one, I’ll lead them back. I paid enough attention on my way out and with my tracking I could find that mine again.

At this point I remember the wine Lyle recommended I take. Not the medicinal wine, the other bottle. I could use a drink. The look of that wolfman and the ghost still chill me to the bone. I take a swig of the wine, it does warm the chill some. I grabbed Alaric’s horse. It’s a good one and loaded with equipment. I’m off to a better start than the last time I lost my bandit crew. Then I was listless though, now I have a clearer view.

I’ve seen the darkness out there and it’s seen me. I won’t be so stupid next time. I’ll ride now to see if I can catch Ruthorford on the road, if he or the Maester won’t help though this will take some time.

Blood in the Mines
GM Final Update

For a few hours the party debated the best way to proceed. Did they attend the Lady’s audience and possibly face accusation for what happened in the woods or did they attempt to sneak out of the Motte? Did they kill the beastly baby or protect it like Lucas wanted? Did they experiment with the crown or keep it safely in its chest? The final decision was to sneak out of the Motte with the baby but leave Lord Damon with the crown to attend the audience with Lady Locke-Glover.

The audience was brief and the Lady civil if a bit cold. Lord Damon consented to hear the accusations directly from Wyl Porther who had traveled from the wood to lodge his complaint. He said Lord Damon and his retinue were responsible for assault on himself and the murder both of the deformed Porther baby and also Matthar the woodsman, and wanted either reparation or a duel to satisfy his honor. After some carefully chosen words, Lord Damon decided to ignore the name calling from Jaremey, who seemed to only want blood, and help fund the restoration of the Scalded Raven Tavern. The young Lord carried himself honorably and Lady Locke invited him to join her group at dinner that evening.

Outside of the Motte Lady Lanna, Rolley, Lyle and captured Lucas made their way through the snowy woods and into the foothills. Lucas promised his wolves and bandits would not attack and held the monstrous baby close to his breast, keeping it warm under his fur cloak. He led them to the mine claiming to be able to sense the source of the crown.

The party climbed up burnt and ruined wooden scaffolding to the entrance of the mines, making their way over icy rocks and a sliding carefully across a frozen stream. They lit their lanterns and entered the dark mines. When they were some distance inside metallic knocks echoed through the chambers and a section of the tunnel collapsed. They spotted small, twisted dark men with picks who were scurrying about trying to bring down sections of the ceiling. The party chased and killed most of the creatures, startled to discover that their thick blood smoked and boiled when they were killed.

Further into the mines the party found natural caverns that opened wider into a large chamber. In the back was an exposed section of ancient wall with 3 stone corpses carved in standing positions. One of the statues had “PORTHER” recently carved above its head. Through a narrow opening Rolley discovered a smaller rear chamber that contained an ancient stone coffin which was partially open. Unable to contain his curiosity he held his lantern above the coffin and caught a glimpse of something terrible before an unnatural wind howled through the caverns and extinguished their lights.

In the darkness of the main chamber an eerie ghost emerged from the stone statue, gripping a solid military pick and moaning “Porther”. They tried to strike it, but their weapons passed harmlessly through its incorporeal body. Lanna re-lit her torch and thrust it in the ghost, but the flames had no effect. Lucas yelled to attack the weapon, and Lady Lanna connected with it solidly with her dagger. The ghostly warrior turned to face her and plunged the pick deeply into her chest, dropping her in a single blow.

Rolley warned everyone that he had seen something terrible in the other room, and leapt into the fight bringing his long sword down on the ghost’s heavy pick. The pick shattered and the ghost vanished with a final sigh of “Porther”. They quickly ran to Lanna’s fallen form and force-fed her the rest of the Poppy Milk the Maester had give them, saving her life before she slipped into darkness. Suddenly, in the narrow opening to the smaller chamber, they saw a tall figure through the flickering light of their freshly lit lanterns.

It was a cross between wolf and man, its ancient skin hanging in ribbons over exposed bone and its glowing red eyes burning brightly. Rolley panicked and fled in terror from the chamber, Lucas cried out “Master!” and held out the wolf baby in offering, and Lyle sighed and readied his massive great sword. The monster ignored Lyle and took the baby from the ecstatic Lucas, returning to his coffin with the small form in its arms.

Lyle followed the creature into the smaller chamber and plunged his great sword into the baby, cutting it in two. The monster opened its eyes and leapt out of the coffin, exposing fierce, bony claws. Lucas screamed in horror as he felt the baby’s life extinguished, and Rolley returned just in time to cut the Bastard down before he was able to run into the smaller chamber. Lyle did not fare well against the beast which was now in a frenzy, its ancient claws tearing again and again through Lyle’s armor and deep into his flesh.

After finishing off Lyle the monster turned and pointed a boney claw at Rolley, ordering him to “kneel” in a deep rumbling voice. Rolley stood frozen for a moment, looking at the bloody bodies of his companions strewn around the ancient cavern, then quickly turned and fled. He ran through the dark narrow mines, finally finding an unblocked exit and paused at the mine’s entrance.

Outside the sun dipped down behind one of the forested hills, thin light quickly fading from the snowy rocks. Inside the mines was a beast so terrible even Rolley’s doubting mind could not deny it. Inside the mines were his companions and friends, unconscious in the darkness with the beast, their blood oozing into the dirt. Rolley pulled his fur cloak around himself, trying to stop from shivering, turned his back on the mines and headed off into the snowy woods of the North.


The events of the last few weeks and days have been odd, to say the least.

It seems that Glover is not around, which is just as well. We met teh maester and set a meeting for Glover’s sister who is currently in charge. There was yet another birth of yet another wolf child, and Lucas was much more cooperative than he was previously.

Damon was hell bent on playing to the letter of the law, but the second birth was concerning enough to me to put in doubt. For some reason, after some discussion, I decided that what Lucas said made more sense than the paranoid views of lesser royalty.

We argued all night, but decided in the morning to leave Damon to face Will Porther and take the new wolf child and Lucas to the mines. We arrived there and found excessively odd creatures trying to trap us in. Then we encountered frightful things I will not speak of, before one of them struck me to the ground. The same one that spoke the word “Porther.”

What happened from there, I am unclear. Rolley and Lyle continued against the attrocities and things did not turn out the way we thought they might. Did we do the right thing? What was going on… I do not know. Are these things the work of the old gods? I can only assume.

Then Rolley abandoned us and I died and became a Blue Ghost.

Rolle's Thoughts Adventure 4
Brining Lucas in from the Wild

When the Wildman started talking I wasn’t expecting the accent. What is that, it sounds educated and local maybe? Strange. I expected he was going to be left dead here in the snow. Now though he claims he’s the bastard son of the local lord. Also he’s not some raider, he has a story to tell and I’m curious. We bring him with us and he gives us some of the background, really we learn more of his story than the crown. He knows little of the crown except it calls to him of some bullshit. I’m expecting more concern about magic crowns and wolves.

It is nice to be within the walls of the town and an inn not full of crazies on fire. Just normal run of the mill scum here. I catch a couple of them trying to cheat Lyle. Really some people are criminally stupid. If ever I met a guy who looks like a killer. I don’t even have to say anything because Lyle sees it too. I decide to stay out of the fight if I can. No need to get the laws attention if I can avoid it. I’m still a ways away from my past problems but I’ve learned not to invite trouble.

Luckily the young lord is injured and isn’t up for travel. We meet the Maester. We get more of the story from him. More superstition about the crown, the strange part is he doesn’t seem interested in us keeping Lucas here. Lucas is trying to convince us to go search for the source of the crown. I’m considering it but I don’t know why. It is possible there would be more treasure there. Is it possible too I just want to see an end to all this superstitious talk?
As we are walking back to the tavern, another woman’s scream perhaps trouble is following us.

What Lucas Said
GM Update, Game Four

Wolf bandit leaderWhat is my story? At the moment it is one of defeat, luckily for me against honorable men who spared my life. We have both suffered losses in this – you lost your old companion and I lost my dearly beloved. I am sure we have all lost someone we loved before, and it is life’s guarantee that we will lose someone again, and again, until finally it is we who are lost. But I prattle on…

Why did I attack you? Easy question and I guess easy enough answer. I attacked you because I feel the power of the thing you posses and I wanted to possess it myself. We first felt it awake a few days ago, something new and strange yet old and familiar. It appeared as clearly in my mind as did my beloved before you stole her from me. While she had life I could see what she saw, hear what she heard, feel what she felt and always know where and how she was. This thing – the crown – is the same. I see it, feel it, know it in my mind’s eye. We had not felt it before, but we feel it strongly now. All of us.

What is it? That I cannot answer. Something old, something powerful, something clearly from the time before the Free Folk were conquered by the invader’s steel and fire. I suspect I know what it is, but I cannot be sure. I think what the old man says is true – that it is connected to the legends of the Wolf King. I think it will help bring us glory, especially now that the days grow short again and the long nights of winter approach.

Who are we? Well, its true enough that my father is Lord of this place and also true I am his bastard. What the old man leaves out is that my mother, my dear departed mother, was one of the Free Folk and my ancestors on her side were people of the Wolfswood since the time before history. When I was cast out of my father’s house I chose to live in theirs, amongst the spirits of the woods and the other Old Gods, a decision I do not regret not even now that I have been dragged back.

What happens next? That I cannot be sure of. I hear you seek an audience with my aunt and again I agree with the old man, she will not smile when she sees me. She will be none too pleased that I have banded with the Free Folk and attacked my father’s soldiers, although to be fair I was not present when they died. I do not know her mind, I barely know my uncle’s wife, so I cannot predict what she will ask of you or of me.

But I do know what I would ask of you. I know the mines the old man speaks of, I can lead you there. I can follow the crown’s trail like a bonfire’s glow in the night, and maybe he is right and it does lead there. Maybe it does not, I do not know. What I do know is that no matter what you find there you are better off with me than without me, for it serves none of us for me to rot in my father’s dungeon. Let us leave the Motte first thing in the morning, before any audience with Lady Locke, and I will take you to these mines and council you the best I am able.

What will we find there? Stone, I suspect, cold stone and rough dirt and dark tunnels. Anything else I cannot guess, and am not foolish enough to try. Those hills are even more ancient than the Wolfswood, which has grown under their hard gaze since the Children of the Forests were babes in the gardens of the Old Gods.

Strange Day
The easy way to win at cards....

Well I finally caught up with Rolley – what a shot!

Turns out he claims to be the bastard of Lord Glover! And he claims to have the blood of the first men in him! By the Others! I like this not.

The silent one had succumbed to the Dire Wolf – I quickly search him and see part of a tattoo.
Not wanting to add to our problems I keep quiet, until I can get a better look at it.

Lord Damon was finally able to get us into the town…for a moment I thought we’d never get in. The Lord must be weaker than he seems – he wants to go to the keep now, not the best way to make a first impression – barging in this late in the day….

He finally agrees to go to the inn to wait for word….as Rolley and I get the horses set we finally get the chance to look at the tattoo. As I thought – the Black Watch! Damn and Bloody Hell! No papers and his actions before his death do not lend to a deserter or recruiter….hmmmm I think we should ask the Maester to send a raven to the Black Tower, this is damn odd.

Mmmm hot food and ale! And a game! Maybe my luck is turning! But what the hell?! Cheaters! Damn it, why can’t people know they DON’T MESS WITH ME.
The idiots try to push me over…I don’t even have to draw my sword to whip there pussy-asses, who forget to take their gold…hmm nice 150 gold for 10 minutes of cards and a light workout. City idiots.

Ahh the Maester is ready for us…more wonderful news….what the HELL are knockers?! The sooner we get rid of the crown the better….reward or not. But he at least agrees to look at Lord Damon, can’t let him die at this point….at least not until we see if we get anything out of all this trouble.

Streets seem quiet….what the hell what that?!…………………..

What the Maester Said
GM Update, Game Four


The party took their prisoner and the dead body of their companion and traveled through the cold forest to Deepwood Motte. The gates to the town were closed, but Lord Ruthermont convinced the guards to let them in, calling out through chattering teeth and wincing in pain from his… private wound. Their presence was announced to Lady Sybelle Locke-Glover, who was Lady of the Motte while her brother-in-law was off to war, but she was unable to see them that evening. The party stopped in the Weathered Poet Inn where they had a meal, a few drinks, played some cards and got into a minor scuffle. Soon enough the Maester sent for them, and they headed up the hill to High Town where he kept his residence.

“You bring me many mysteries this evening, which is a pleasant break from my studies. Here before me is a man, some writs, a chest and a crown. Alone they are each interesting but together they seem to tell a tale, although not a pleasant one. Let me tell you what I make of it.

“First off, this man is who he claims – I recognize him. He is Lucas Snow, who I have not seen in many a year, bastard of Lord Galbart Glover who is riding in the south. I understand you have bested Lucas after you claimed he attacked you in the wood, and taken him prisoner under command of the Lord you travel with. I cannot imagine this is pleasant for him, and I doubt Lady Locke will be happy to see him.

“The writs are from soldiers of the Motte. One week ago these men were sent east to the ridge of hills that border the Wolfswood in order to investigate complaints the Lady had received. The miners there claimed their tunnels were haunted by small, twisted, dark men with gnarled faces, which they call “knockers”. The mine is newly dug but important, especially now we are at war, and the soldiers were sent to put these rumors to rest and get the miners working again. The soldiers have not been heard from since – and you claim they were found dead on the road.

“The chest is old – that much is apparent from the age of the wood and style of the engravings on its exterior. I suspect it is from the time of the First Men, especially because the runes on the inside are written in their tongue. I am a student of history, and have my copper ring amongst others, and can read the runes. Yes, you have heard the rhyme as well, the tale of the Wolf King.

“The crown is frankly unsettling for it is, I fear, what brings these separate objects together into a single tale. You have heard the rhyme of the Wolf King, but do you know of his curse? They say he was one of the First Men, a Skin Changer, who ruled the men and the beasts who lived alongside each other in the Wolfswood long ago. He was killed by our Andal forefathers when they settled this land, though whether it was in battle or in his bed is not known to me. It is said that with the Wolf King’s dying breath he cursed his enemies so their offspring would be born as beasts – not as men.

“I am not a superstitious man, but I have lived for many years and seen many things. I do not know if the chest and crown are relics or fakeries, but I would not suggest that you tempt fate. If you claim the chest and crown were found on the soldiers then I suggest you investigate how the soldiers came to possess these things. If they are false trinkets then dispose of them as you wish. But if they are true objects of power and tied to the Wolf King of old, then perhaps its best if they laid to rest for they may still bear his curse.”

Rolle's Thoughts Adventure 3
To surviving the night

What a damnable mess, just like back with the old group all things go to hell and now feeling like we have people I need to keep alive. Well this building is lost, so while I gather the horses and supplies the mute makes his distaste for the innkeep known. Hell not even that I disagree with him and Lyle but we do not have time for this. If they come back with more wolves and men we’ll need all these men just to keep them off the civilians. I still have the thought pulling at the back of my mind, I can probably get Lyle and I out through the woods. Of course I can see that Lyle has a protective streak, he isn’t leaving these people. I don’t really want to either, but this storm and woods feel like it’s closing in.

From there though it gets a little easier, we split from the innkeeper and his family, probably for the best. More folks were going to die if we stayed with them. The nights rest does us good, we get some sleep split ways with the Northmen and head off. With any luck the wolfmen will need more time to gather forces. No such luck. They have enough for one last push but were not able to gather a big group. Lots of wolves, surprisingly well trained. Luckily our horses are faster. We manage to leave most of the wolves behind and kill a couple as they try and run us down. After I don’t know how long of hard riding though the horses are tired. No way they can ride much longer with all the armor Lyle Dameon and the mute are wearing.

Of course as we hop off to spell them a bit to continue on foot the wolfmen muster. It’s not a huge group but enough to be dangerous. They are still brave or crazy coming against the four of us. Of course as the fight plays on I see my friends overestimate me, or underestimate their equipment. All that armor and blades aren’t cheap. Maybe with all that I’d slice through these guys but as it is I’m just holding them off. I see in the background the mute and the noble squaring off against the Wolfking.

It doesn’t look like it’s going well, though I’m not sure who will win. Then I see Daemon take the crown out and twists it while yelling something. It distracts me, the wolfmen almost runs me through but he leaves himself open. Lyle cleaves right through his collar bone and into his chest. By the time I look back Daemon is on the ground and they are fighting over the crown. Lyle and I run over but the wolfking has the crown and is running. I take off after, he knows these woods better than me and will lose me eventually. I’ll only get a shot or two with his headstart. I only need one, my arrow flies true catching him through the leg, he will not be running anywhere. Now I just have to get over there first. I’m not sure if Daemon was thinking. I gave him the chest so he had his bait if needed, instead he tries to destroy the crown like an angry child.

A Long Day.....
Lyle's bloodbath

Lyle Dogget

I watched as they tried to stop the fires….what a waste of effort, why are we still here? Wait….where did these kids come from….the basement?! Damn it – there could be more! What is it about this place?

I found the old one and the 2 women…chained, CHAINED to the wall! Where is he? Why is he wasting time on the outer lock?! <cough> the fire is spreading…I’m running out of time….I’ve got one last hit…

Pushing them free out of the kitchen into the courtyard…I realize one of the women is quite attractive…and – what the hell? Why is she touching me? Doesn’t she see my face? NO! I won’t take sympathy…

We finally made it to the barn, they can’t stay with us…..they have to go back North. Rolley got the chest open…really weird crown….oh well, I was hoping for something more valuable. I’m surprised at the young lording’s gesture of gold – maybe he is more of a man that a spoiled brat. She wants something from me – something I cannot give her….I quickly think of asking for a worthless thing – a boon from them. The old man gives me his amulet – I’ve never seen the stone/wood before…..a man can always use the support of the Old Gods these days – we all know the seven won’t help us survive the Winter.

The wolves! MOVE! They are gaining on us! Shit, my horse is nicked…..we fell right into their trap. OK, NOW I’m pissed off!

Oh yea….sooo glad I sharpened her last night….the sound of her cleaving that bowman makes me smile….oh look tow small pelts to add to today’s workout! Are you serious? Did you NOT see what I just did to your fellow? Fine. When will bowmen realize a wooden bow is no match for a trained fighter with a nice two handed sword? Notch another two idiots.

God I love this! Oh shit, almost left Rolley ! Why is he playing with them? Just kill them! He loves to make it “interesting” – there are days he makes me wonder if he is sane.

By the Others! Look at the Dire Wolf! And the Leader! He is going to pay for this….Smart move by the Lord…..that’s it keep on fighting, I’ll never tell him, but he’s got balls. I’ve never seen a Dire Wolf attack so…so.. intelligently. Oh crap…he is down…hey beastie, chew on this! Die you beast! The Others take you!

Run away you coward – damn this snow is high…..good thinking Rolley! But he’s too far….Woah! What a shot….could he be hiding skills from me?


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