Damon Ruthermont

Younger Nobleman, Hammer and Shield


Name: Damon Ruthermont Player: NPC XP: 20 Rank: Seasoned
Age: Desc: Profession:
Alignment: Gender: male Race: Human : free edge
advances: 4. new skills bought with advances: 0. extra attribute points: 2. attribute points spent: 7 of 7. points spent: 29 of 29.

Agility d6
Smarts d6
Spirit d8
Strength d8
Vigor d6

Pace 6 (6)
Parry 8 (2 +½Fighting +1(block) +1(shield))
Toughness 7 (2 +½Vigor +2(torso))
Charisma 2 (0 +2(noble))

fighting (Hammers) d8
intimidation d4
investigation d6
knowledge d6
notice d6
persuasion d6
riding d6

Overconfident The hero believes he can do anything
Anemic -2 vigor to resist sickness, disease, poison, environment
Greedy (minor) Character is obsessed with wealth
Noble Rich; +2 charisma; Status and wealth
Literate Hero is able to read and write
Command +1 to troops recovering from being Shaken
Common Bond may give bennies to companions
Block +1 parry

power points: 0
powers chosen: 0 of 0

name damage wgt cost notes
warhammer str+d8 9 200 AP 2 vs Heavy Armor

name range damage RoF shots str wgt cost notes

name areaprot armor wgt cost notes
small shield side 5 50 parry +1
mail tunic torso +2 13 155
mail cowl head +2 3 35 Notice -1
mail sleeves arms +2 5 60
leather leggings legs +1 4 15

name wgt cost notes

spent: 515 of 2000
Carry: 39 lbs.
Load Limit: 0 up to 40, -1 to 80, -2 to 120, -3 to 160

Rules Summary
Aim 2 Shooting / Throwing next round (no moving) Defend +2 Parry, no other action (can move) Disarm -2 attack, defender makes Strength roll vs the damage or drops his weapon DoubleTap / ThreeRoundBurst +1 Shooting and damage/2 Shooting and damage Trick Opposed Agility or Smarts: Target is -2 Parry until next turn and Shaken on raise (or other +2 for you) WildAttack +2 Fighting; +2 damage; -2 Parry


Damon Ruthermont

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