Snow in the North

The Darkness

Rolley Final Update

(Rolley’s next raise he buys down off doubting Thomas)

Well now I know, I thought all this wolf king stuff was just superstition. Now I know the truth, there really are dark things out there. At least there are now, maybe they weren’t before, maybe it’s linked to the winter coming. I don’t know, but maybe I’ll find out. If I’d been a little clearer before I wouldn’t have followed this plan. The wolf crown, the wolf babies, the knockers, the ghost, the wolfman corpse. We were out of our league.

I feel bad for my lost companions, especially Lyle. He was loyal, more so than me. He’s probably never left a pile of his friends dead on the ground and ran. I’ve done it now not once but twice. Hell, I couldn’t win that fight though, better to run and come back. Come back I will, or at least I’ll try. Maybe it’s best Lord Ruthorford didn’t come, I wonder if he’ll be interesting in finishing it off.

I wish I could put pen to paper to write these notes myself. As it is I’m going to have to pay to get them delivered. The Maester must secure that crown and he needs to know he was right about the wolf baby. If they or Ruthorford are willing to destroy the wolf king, the old one, I’ll lead them back. I paid enough attention on my way out and with my tracking I could find that mine again.

At this point I remember the wine Lyle recommended I take. Not the medicinal wine, the other bottle. I could use a drink. The look of that wolfman and the ghost still chill me to the bone. I take a swig of the wine, it does warm the chill some. I grabbed Alaric’s horse. It’s a good one and loaded with equipment. I’m off to a better start than the last time I lost my bandit crew. Then I was listless though, now I have a clearer view.

I’ve seen the darkness out there and it’s seen me. I won’t be so stupid next time. I’ll ride now to see if I can catch Ruthorford on the road, if he or the Maester won’t help though this will take some time.



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