Snow in the North

Strange Day

The easy way to win at cards....

Well I finally caught up with Rolley – what a shot!

Turns out he claims to be the bastard of Lord Glover! And he claims to have the blood of the first men in him! By the Others! I like this not.

The silent one had succumbed to the Dire Wolf – I quickly search him and see part of a tattoo.
Not wanting to add to our problems I keep quiet, until I can get a better look at it.

Lord Damon was finally able to get us into the town…for a moment I thought we’d never get in. The Lord must be weaker than he seems – he wants to go to the keep now, not the best way to make a first impression – barging in this late in the day….

He finally agrees to go to the inn to wait for word….as Rolley and I get the horses set we finally get the chance to look at the tattoo. As I thought – the Black Watch! Damn and Bloody Hell! No papers and his actions before his death do not lend to a deserter or recruiter….hmmmm I think we should ask the Maester to send a raven to the Black Tower, this is damn odd.

Mmmm hot food and ale! And a game! Maybe my luck is turning! But what the hell?! Cheaters! Damn it, why can’t people know they DON’T MESS WITH ME.
The idiots try to push me over…I don’t even have to draw my sword to whip there pussy-asses, who forget to take their gold…hmm nice 150 gold for 10 minutes of cards and a light workout. City idiots.

Ahh the Maester is ready for us…more wonderful news….what the HELL are knockers?! The sooner we get rid of the crown the better….reward or not. But he at least agrees to look at Lord Damon, can’t let him die at this point….at least not until we see if we get anything out of all this trouble.

Streets seem quiet….what the hell what that?!…………………..



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