Snow in the North

Rolle's Thoughts Adventure 4

Brining Lucas in from the Wild

When the Wildman started talking I wasn’t expecting the accent. What is that, it sounds educated and local maybe? Strange. I expected he was going to be left dead here in the snow. Now though he claims he’s the bastard son of the local lord. Also he’s not some raider, he has a story to tell and I’m curious. We bring him with us and he gives us some of the background, really we learn more of his story than the crown. He knows little of the crown except it calls to him of some bullshit. I’m expecting more concern about magic crowns and wolves.

It is nice to be within the walls of the town and an inn not full of crazies on fire. Just normal run of the mill scum here. I catch a couple of them trying to cheat Lyle. Really some people are criminally stupid. If ever I met a guy who looks like a killer. I don’t even have to say anything because Lyle sees it too. I decide to stay out of the fight if I can. No need to get the laws attention if I can avoid it. I’m still a ways away from my past problems but I’ve learned not to invite trouble.

Luckily the young lord is injured and isn’t up for travel. We meet the Maester. We get more of the story from him. More superstition about the crown, the strange part is he doesn’t seem interested in us keeping Lucas here. Lucas is trying to convince us to go search for the source of the crown. I’m considering it but I don’t know why. It is possible there would be more treasure there. Is it possible too I just want to see an end to all this superstitious talk?
As we are walking back to the tavern, another woman’s scream perhaps trouble is following us.



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