Snow in the North

Rolle's Thoughts Adventure 3

To surviving the night

What a damnable mess, just like back with the old group all things go to hell and now feeling like we have people I need to keep alive. Well this building is lost, so while I gather the horses and supplies the mute makes his distaste for the innkeep known. Hell not even that I disagree with him and Lyle but we do not have time for this. If they come back with more wolves and men we’ll need all these men just to keep them off the civilians. I still have the thought pulling at the back of my mind, I can probably get Lyle and I out through the woods. Of course I can see that Lyle has a protective streak, he isn’t leaving these people. I don’t really want to either, but this storm and woods feel like it’s closing in.

From there though it gets a little easier, we split from the innkeeper and his family, probably for the best. More folks were going to die if we stayed with them. The nights rest does us good, we get some sleep split ways with the Northmen and head off. With any luck the wolfmen will need more time to gather forces. No such luck. They have enough for one last push but were not able to gather a big group. Lots of wolves, surprisingly well trained. Luckily our horses are faster. We manage to leave most of the wolves behind and kill a couple as they try and run us down. After I don’t know how long of hard riding though the horses are tired. No way they can ride much longer with all the armor Lyle Dameon and the mute are wearing.

Of course as we hop off to spell them a bit to continue on foot the wolfmen muster. It’s not a huge group but enough to be dangerous. They are still brave or crazy coming against the four of us. Of course as the fight plays on I see my friends overestimate me, or underestimate their equipment. All that armor and blades aren’t cheap. Maybe with all that I’d slice through these guys but as it is I’m just holding them off. I see in the background the mute and the noble squaring off against the Wolfking.

It doesn’t look like it’s going well, though I’m not sure who will win. Then I see Daemon take the crown out and twists it while yelling something. It distracts me, the wolfmen almost runs me through but he leaves himself open. Lyle cleaves right through his collar bone and into his chest. By the time I look back Daemon is on the ground and they are fighting over the crown. Lyle and I run over but the wolfking has the crown and is running. I take off after, he knows these woods better than me and will lose me eventually. I’ll only get a shot or two with his headstart. I only need one, my arrow flies true catching him through the leg, he will not be running anywhere. Now I just have to get over there first. I’m not sure if Daemon was thinking. I gave him the chest so he had his bait if needed, instead he tries to destroy the crown like an angry child.



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