Snow in the North

Rolle's Thoughts Adventure 2

The chest

Ok I need to get outta that room and breath…I don’t know what these crazies are up to. Maybe some wolf cult. I think it’ll go out and get some fresh air. First maybe I’ll go find out what they have locked in the basement. Picking the lock is a simple matter, it seems really that they just have some serfs locked in the basement. Maybe not the worst thing in the world, but maybe these folks can give us some more info on these people. Before I can get much further into that though …wait what is that something is harassing the horses, probably more damn wolves.
We rush out to find some more of those fur clad people around the stable. They look mean but they aren’t trained fighters. Good thing too because there seem to be a good number in the woods. We dispatch this group and some wolves. They keep up the pressure though, after their first pushes fail, they get it in their mind to burn us out. Of course Ruthermont killed that warped little baby. It seemed that is what they were looking for, so maybe they just figure we’d all be better dead at this point. There seemed some connection between these wolf men and the baby. Maybe they raped the girl and it’s there warped little baby.

The siege of the in inn continues and eventually they break into the inn main room. The Chest! Perhaps there is more than one thing here they are after. I’ll be damned if I’ll let them have it easy. I manage to make it in there and there are 3 of them. I’ve already been stuck so I don’t think I can take all 3. I distract them while getting into position asking them what they want. They respond with some group poem about the wolf king but I’m only barely paying attention as I get my hands on the chest and head back behind the bar.

I manage to make my way outside. In time to see a face-off. It looks like “Joel’s Character who doesn’t have a profile on the website” and Ruthermont are facing off against another huge wolf and a guy who looks like a chieftain. I drop the chest and jump into the fray. We scrap for a bit with no serious blows landing. The chieftian steps back and we all tense. He backs off another two steps into the swirling snow and says. You’ll never leave these woods alive.
Shit he could be right. As I breath in the cold slightly smoky air. So many thoughts, what is in the chest, is it worth risking my life for. That’s gonna have to be one hell of a reward. I can probably get Lyle and I out of these woods, but no way to sneak out a group this big. Am I willing to leave them all to die. Death to these wolf lovers is going to be an ugly one.



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