Snow in the North

Rolle's Thoughts Adventure 1

What the hell is that (I hope we didn't eat people)

It’s nice to be in the warmth of the tavern with Lyle and my new companions. Heading toward reward could this night get better. Lyle is a good man to have at your back and I’ve learned I can help keep him out of trouble just by talking when he shouldn’t be. It’s a team that has worked well so far. I generally don’t like nobles and knights but they do tend to have access to gold and if they can be inclined to help you, well that can’t be bad. Even the wolves didn’t make the day that bad. That one was big, I’m sure some would think him a bad omen but a stab to the neck and he was finished like any other.

So now we’re enjoying a good dinner at a nice place. Something gets my attention, like it often does, why’d they turn down the nobles help with the baby. Then after the scream I poke around the kitchen a bit, where they aren’t preparing food. Something is definitely up…I need to get upstairs. I hope they didn’t feed us people.

The screaming going on in the room is awful, something is going on in there I know it. A quick slice from my sword and the door is open. Oh my God fur and baby shit…what is that…are they feeding the baby to some baby wolf.

This freak show is over!



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