Snow in the North

Really, the mutton is quite good.

Damon Ruthermont

I don’t know why I do these things for father. The next time he has a notion to have anything brought to or said more than a day’s ride from the manor I’ll make him send Jarret or Willem. Both of my useless brothers would benefit from a trip or two into the world.

At least the company has been decent. I can think of many companions who are worse on the eye than old Hawthorne’s daughter. Carries all the graces, as well. Not that I’d expect less – not from that family – it’s just always a surprise when someone else actually fulfills their promise. I might wind up not having to do everything myself on this god-forsaken trek into nowhere.

Fair enough, the company HAD been decent. I’d been trying not to think about them so thank you for bringing up a sore subject. I have to wonder, really, if those two had anything to do with the fate of the soldiers we came across. From what I could see there were more than wolves fighting with those men, and they showed up most “conveniently”. They certainly jumped on their writs quick enough,once the idea of coin came up. I have a mind to make sure they get as little as possible for their trouble (they sure as hell aren’t getting a slice of whatever’s in this box). And if that one-eyed, hog-faced, mutt-blooded, imbecilic piece of horseflesh looks at Lanna like that again….. well, it has another eye to lose. At least the little one can keep his teeth together.

You know, this really wouldn’t be a bad tavern whatsoever if it weren’t for all the bloody screaming. Seriously, the mutton’s quite good. If you want to dress up meat, look to an old peasant woman. They spend so much time needing to make shit meat edible that when they have something nice like this it can really shine. Are you sure you don’t want another bite? You’re looking a bit peaked. Ale? No? Suit yourself.

Where was I? Oh yes, the screaming. Do you think it will ever stop? How bloody long does removing a child from a woman take? Speaking of blood, there’s quite a lot of it on the floor. Oh, right. That’s yours. Inconsiderate of you. That little girl is going to have to clean it up and that’ll be a messy job. But then, you did try to keep Lady Hawthorne from performing her noble duty. And you HAD THE FUCKING GALL TO RAISE A BLADE TO YOUR BETTER. So I guess I have to expect that your brains would’ve fallen out of your skull sooner or later anyway.

Ah well. Where is that girl? This glass won’t fill itself….



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