Snow in the North

Obscenity to Both The old Gods and the new

Lanna's thoughts

I have seen many things – learned much from the Maester, but I never thought that when I left the South for this endeavor, I did not expect I would see likes of which would offend even the tree gods these northerners still bow to. The Seven bless this place for there is evil about.

Little is clear as to what is happening yet but I am getting ahead of myself. I must say that Damon has proved to be gentleman enough as a companion. He is rough with the common folk, and I have found the need to occasionally try to repair some of his toungue’s damage. All in all, I cannot complain – his sword is as sharp as his toungue.

I am studied, and I did not expect the wolves to attack us as they did. Two riders on horses wouldn’t seem a likely choice for a wild animal to attack… but something is very strange with the wolves here. The “child” is a great concern… I hope for guidance as to what to do with this situation.

The two common men seem amicable enough. Lyle and Rolley have base desires, which I was able to use to convince them to come with us (money), but my opinion of them has warmed.

This tavern is cursed. I, at first, felt they were commoners who were unreasonable and not used to dealing with nobility, but it turns out that they did have a lot to hide.



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