Snow in the North

Lyle's Thoughts

What a wierd day.....

What a day…

Rolley & I made good time that morning, that is until we heard the wolves… usual Rolley ran face first into the fray without scoping the whole picture…..he’ll learn someday just like I did – the hard way.

Those wolves were odd – not to mention the fight that attracted them. Not that I care about possible wildings..but the lord and lady we helped were an odd traveling companion. Lord Damon seemed a bit uppity like more nobles who never faced a true fight at first, but he seems to be able to hold his own – just don’t tell him I said so. Lady Lanna has many hidden assets – and not just the ones to warm ye….she is the type to smile at ya while someone drives a dagger into your back. Best to keep her on your side…which reminds me to bring up the King’s edict on dead men and their possessions to the Lordy; as they teach to kids “Dead man found cold on the road, he who finds him keeps his gold” that box is Rolley’s…but then again that’s his fight. I have to remember what happens when you don’t mind your business…

The inn…och I wish we never entered that damn place….

The food was good, too good as was the ale. That stranger who seemed to observe everyone made me twitch – caught him sizing us up once. And the way he moved, I’d bet a gold dragon he had water dancer training if ever I saw one, or maybe he’s been to Dorne. I’d love to have him at my side in a fight….I was hoping to have a game or two with him to see where he was headed, what good man doesn’t like a bit o’ gambling? But that cow of a girl just had to pop her grapes….damnest thing I ever saw. The old gods must be abandoning us….can’t say I blame them given the events of the past few months. Gods, what a few months….maybe traveling with these folk will make me forget….



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