Snow in the North


The events of the last few weeks and days have been odd, to say the least.

It seems that Glover is not around, which is just as well. We met teh maester and set a meeting for Glover’s sister who is currently in charge. There was yet another birth of yet another wolf child, and Lucas was much more cooperative than he was previously.

Damon was hell bent on playing to the letter of the law, but the second birth was concerning enough to me to put in doubt. For some reason, after some discussion, I decided that what Lucas said made more sense than the paranoid views of lesser royalty.

We argued all night, but decided in the morning to leave Damon to face Will Porther and take the new wolf child and Lucas to the mines. We arrived there and found excessively odd creatures trying to trap us in. Then we encountered frightful things I will not speak of, before one of them struck me to the ground. The same one that spoke the word “Porther.”

What happened from there, I am unclear. Rolley and Lyle continued against the attrocities and things did not turn out the way we thought they might. Did we do the right thing? What was going on… I do not know. Are these things the work of the old gods? I can only assume.

Then Rolley abandoned us and I died and became a Blue Ghost.



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