Snow in the North

Cast of the Scalded Raven Tavern

GM Summary of Game One

Wyl Porther
Wyl Porther is the owner of the Scalded Raven Tavern. He is a strong man, a former solider by the look of it who has made his home in the deep wood. When you first met him he welcomed you warmly to his inn, and made sure you were served good food and strong spirits. By the end of the day he was attempting to keep you from the bed chamber, but is now collapsed unconscious on the floor after a beating by Lyle.

Sybell Porther
Sybell Porther is Wyl’s oldest daughter. She is a lovely young woman, blond with rosy cheeks and bright eyes. When you first met her she was obviously pregnant, sitting down to dinner accompanied by her partner Ronnel. By the end of the day she was covered in blood and screaming, having just given birth to a monster. She is now passed out in the bed, the life draining from her cheeks.

Ronnel Buckwell
Ronnel Buckwell is Sybell’s partner. He is a weasely young man with shifty, darting eyes and lacking any obvious work ethic – its hard to see what Sybell sees in him. By the end of the day he was flat on the floor, first attempting to wrestle away from Lanna then getting beaten down with the edge of Alaric’s blade.

Anya Porther
Anya Porther is Wyl’s youngest daughter, in her early teens. She is a polite little thing who helped served the main meal, all of the time staring at Lyle’s huge scar. By the end of the day she is almost catatonic with shock and fear, terrified at what happened in the birthing chamber and the violence that followed.

Old woman
Nana, whose full name is Hattie Overton, is grandmother to the girls and helps Wyl run the Tavern. She served the food and was sure to keep the drinks full, then went upstairs to help Sybell when she went into labor. By the end of the day she is coated in her granddaughter’s blood and holds a tiny, twisted, furry figure, holding it out to you in horror.

Matthar is a local woodsman and companion of Wyl’s. He is lanky, unkept and dressed in chain, and favored a shield and axe which he kept by the fire. He made some inappropriate comments to Lanna then started a staring contest with Lyle. By the end of the day Damon had corrected both of those behaviors by staving in his head with his warhammer. He lies dead on the tavern floor.

Jaremey was the other companion of Wyl’s. More quiet than Matthar, and perhaps more sensible, he was solidly built and grabbed a spear when trouble occurred. He chose not to press the issue with Lyle but was the first to chase the party up the stairs. By the end of the day he was in the upper hallway, confused by the commotion in the bedroom but more concerned with Lanna’s stern reproval to not meddle in the party’s affairs. He lives.



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