Snow in the North

Burning Barn! Save the Horses!

Allaric Hull

What have I gotten myself into? I was just looking for a place to rest up for the eve and grab a meal and some ale… wherever I go, I always tend to find some sort of trouble.

The young woman seemed to have some sort of monster as a baby, a deformity… possibly, but horrible. As I gather my breath and allow the noble woman to tend to my wound, I hear a commotion from the barn.

All I can think of is my good friend Jasper, my trusty horse… the one truest friend in the world…

As I exit the inn and head for the barn I see a fire catching towards the back of the building. I hurry to Jasper to loose him from the stable but as I turn the entry to the barn is filled with an evil looking wolf. I free a few more horses as the wolf advances on me, I prepare for an attack.

The wolf and I circle each other, the wolf lunges but I parry the attack off of my shield and strike it with my sword, cutting the beast down to the bone of its shoulder, it falls into a heap pouring blood from its wound.

I head out of the barn, the smoke is starting to burn my eyes. Before me stands a group of men, Northmen by the looks… they are working with the wolves. The men at the back of the barn are still throwing fuel on the fire, but a group of them are assaulting the tavern… looking for something, the baby?

We collapse our defense around the tavern back door, the noble’s group brings a chest out and places it at the bottom of the stairs. The men look greedily at the chest and advance on our position. We manage to fend off the wildmen and the wolves and they slink slowly into the darkness at the edges of the wood… a look of menace and determination on their faces.



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