Snow in the North

A Long Day.....

Lyle's bloodbath

Lyle Dogget

I watched as they tried to stop the fires….what a waste of effort, why are we still here? Wait….where did these kids come from….the basement?! Damn it – there could be more! What is it about this place?

I found the old one and the 2 women…chained, CHAINED to the wall! Where is he? Why is he wasting time on the outer lock?! <cough> the fire is spreading…I’m running out of time….I’ve got one last hit…

Pushing them free out of the kitchen into the courtyard…I realize one of the women is quite attractive…and – what the hell? Why is she touching me? Doesn’t she see my face? NO! I won’t take sympathy…

We finally made it to the barn, they can’t stay with us…..they have to go back North. Rolley got the chest open…really weird crown….oh well, I was hoping for something more valuable. I’m surprised at the young lording’s gesture of gold – maybe he is more of a man that a spoiled brat. She wants something from me – something I cannot give her….I quickly think of asking for a worthless thing – a boon from them. The old man gives me his amulet – I’ve never seen the stone/wood before…..a man can always use the support of the Old Gods these days – we all know the seven won’t help us survive the Winter.

The wolves! MOVE! They are gaining on us! Shit, my horse is nicked…..we fell right into their trap. OK, NOW I’m pissed off!

Oh yea….sooo glad I sharpened her last night….the sound of her cleaving that bowman makes me smile….oh look tow small pelts to add to today’s workout! Are you serious? Did you NOT see what I just did to your fellow? Fine. When will bowmen realize a wooden bow is no match for a trained fighter with a nice two handed sword? Notch another two idiots.

God I love this! Oh shit, almost left Rolley ! Why is he playing with them? Just kill them! He loves to make it “interesting” – there are days he makes me wonder if he is sane.

By the Others! Look at the Dire Wolf! And the Leader! He is going to pay for this….Smart move by the Lord…..that’s it keep on fighting, I’ll never tell him, but he’s got balls. I’ve never seen a Dire Wolf attack so…so.. intelligently. Oh crap…he is down…hey beastie, chew on this! Die you beast! The Others take you!

Run away you coward – damn this snow is high…..good thinking Rolley! But he’s too far….Woah! What a shot….could he be hiding skills from me?



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